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Here Is The Anago Plan:

  • Advanced Methods and Techniques

    Our franchisees’ commercial cleaning services are carried out using innovative and proven methods and techniques. Our franchisees are not ones to rest on their laurels at Anago. They are committed to the continued testing and improvement of the cleaning methods and state-of-the-art equipment they employ as well as the ongoing orientation of our cleaning professionals.

  • SmartClean

    Studies have shown that a cleaner office environment can lead to a more productive workplace. Our franchisees know that their janitorial services are not “one size fits all” and offer customized schedules of office cleaning and business cleaning based on the priorities and budgets of their clients. The customization of our franchisees’ services allows them to facilitate the type of work environment that inspires employees and provides visitors with a positive first impression.

  • Cleaning Green

    Our franchisees’ commitment to using only green cleaning products and equipment means we leave our clients with the environmentally safe offices and facilities they deserve. Our franchisees use professional equipment, approved dispensing systems, microfiber products and recyclable containers to eliminate bacterial transfer. The overriding goal is to protect the environment while offering a safer and healthier workplace for your employees, your visitors, and yourself.

  • Customized Work Schedule

    We know that you have a feel for how often your facility should be cleaned and how often you can afford our services. With this in mind, we create custom cleaning schedules based upon your cleaning needs and your budget. We will mark off the items on your customized checklist in the same efficient fashion and clean to perfection each and every time.

  • Client Support

    Anago is committed to open lines of communication and a level of accountability not found with other janitorial businesses. Our franchisees’ client service lines are open 24/7, and we will respond to any emergency within two hours. Our franchisees also incorporate regular inspections to make certain the work is being carried out in a responsible fashion and conduct regular client surveys to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Communications Log

    The majority of our franchisees’ cleaning solutions are performed after hours. By keeping Communications Logs at each facility, they are able to keep clients apprised of the work that has been done. These logs are yet another example of our franchisees’ commitment to communication and being in constant contact with our clients. Our franchisees are committed to accountability, and that means allowing you to account for the completion of the services you pay for.

  • Security Protection

    You also have the assurance that each of our uniformed professionals is insured and works with the highest regard for confidentiality and discretion.

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