Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

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  • Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

At Anago, our franchisees are professionals and they know that you are too. Our franchisees’ business is keeping your business looking its best. They provide the commercial cleaning services Vancouver trusts because they have the experience and knowledge of what different types of commercial facilities require in order to stay in tip-top shape.

Commercial Janitorial Services

Anago is one of the most trusted commercial cleaning companies Vancouver has to offer. Anago’s clients all know that they can rely on our professional cleaners to clean from top to bottom, taking special care with often-forgotten details.

Anago specializes in cleaning the following types of commercial facilities in Vancouver and the surrounding area:

Specialized Floor Cleaning

When hiring a commercial floor cleaner, you want to pick a company that knows floors. Our franchisees at Anago specialize in maintenance and cleaning of all different types of flooring.

Our franchisees’ floor-care services include:

  • Stripping, Sealing, and Waxing of vinyl sheet or vinyl composite tile floors
  • Carpet cleaning of all kinds, including commercial carpets, area rugs, Berber carpeting, etc.
  • Grout and ceramic tile cleaning

Commercial Janitorial Services

Why Anago?

Our franchisees specialize in the kind of cleaning you need — Our franchisees’ have expertise in the best ways to clean specific commercial facilities of all kinds, from office buildings to hospitals.

Tailored, individual plans — Our franchisees understand that every business has different needs, so they work with you to come up with a plan that suits you in terms of hours worked, tasks completed, and frequency of cleaning.

Unparalleled client support — Our franchisees want their clients to be happy above all, and they believe that starts with great communication. Our franchisees have client service lines open 24/7 and keep communication logs at every location they service.

Green cleaning — Our franchisees are committed to reducing their environmental footprint through waste reduction, sustainable cleaning supplies, and green cleaning products.

A job well done — Our franchisees are dedicated to making sure every cleaning job is done thoroughly and up to their standard of excellence.

There are a lot of commercial cleaning companies in Vancouver and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Pick a cleaner with a great reputation, professional procedures in place, and dedication to getting the job done right. Pick Anago.

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