Safe, Environmentally-Friendly Green Commercial Cleaning Services

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Green Commercial Cleaning Service

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Anago’s green cleaning services keep your employees, customers, and guests safe and help prevent damage to the environment. Many other commercial cleaning companies use cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals that pose a health risk and harm the environment. Anago’s franchisees only use completely safe, eco-friendly cleaners that thoroughly clean and disinfect.

Our franchisees are committed to only using environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products and equipment, leaving clients with safe, eco-friendly offices and facilities that protect employees, customers, and the environment. Our franchisees use professional equipment, approved dispensing systems, microfibre products and recyclable containers to eliminate bacterial transfer while reducing waste. Our cleaning teams’ priority is to protect the environment while offering a safer and healthier workplace for your employees, your visitors, and yourself.

Steam Cleaning

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Steam cleaning, also called hot water extraction, is a thorough carpet cleaning method that removes dirt and debris from deep within the fibres.

The first step of steam cleaning is the removal of dry soil from the carpet with a high-powered vacuum, followed by a preconditioning treatment. Next, a mixture of cleaning solution and water heated to between 110 degrees and 165 degrees is applied to the carpet from a pressurized holding tank that contains a heating coil. This process flushes deeply embedded dirt out of the carpet fibres, which are then removed through wet vacuuming. After this process is complete, the carpet will need to be allowed to dry for 12-24 hours, depending on the size and material.

Bonnet Cleaning

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Bonnet cleaning is a method that will thoroughly clean the surface of a carpet, but does not go as deep as steam cleaning. Bonnet cleaning does not take as long as steam cleaning because it does not require extended drying time.

Bonnet cleaning begins with the application of a pre-spray to the carpet to loosen dirt and debris. This spray, along with the dirt, is then extracted using a rotating floor machine with cotton bonnet attachments. The bonnets rotate against the carpet, picking up the moistened dirt from the surface of the carpet. The cleaning technician will remove the bonnet and replace it with a fresh one as it becomes dirty. After the entire carpet has been bonnet cleaned, it will need about 1-2 hours of time to fully dry.

Spot Cleaning

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Spot cleaning is perfect for when you do not need a thorough cleaning of your entire carpet, but it does have some surface-level stains here and there that need to be removed.

Anago’s cleaning teams use special spot-cleaning machines to clean specific areas of a carpet. If you need a few deep stains removed from your carpet but do not wish to have the entire carpet cleaned, Anago of Vancouver also offers targeted stain-removal using bonnet cleaning.

Anago of Vancouver’s Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

When choosing between green commercial cleaning companies, it is important to select a reputable company with consistent procedure in place and the flexibility to accommodate your needs. At Anago of Vancouver, our franchisees know that the best janitorial services are not “one size fits all”, which is why they offer customized cleaning plans with tailored schedules and services based on individual client budget and priority.

Get in touch today to talk to a franchisee about what you’re looking for in a cleaning plan. Once you’ve given some details on the services you need, what type of schedule works for you, and your budget, our franchisees will put together a plan tailored to you.

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