How to Start A Cleaning Business in BC

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How to Start an Office Cleaning Business

Anago of Vancouver is pleased to introduce you to one of the most unique franchise opportunities you will find anywhere. Join the Anago team and start your own janitorial businesses, from your home, and at a price you can absolutely afford no matter your budget. Our success as a commercial cleaning company depends upon the success of our franchisees. We help them to hit the ground running by providing all the tools they’ll need to launch a cleaning business and grow it in a successful way.

Anago Cleaning Systems has been providing cleaning business opportunities for many years. We have laid the groundwork for thousands of entrepreneurs to become successful businessmen and women, and can do the same for you through this unique small business opportunity. Our janitorial franchises are affordable, and as the owner of your own cleaning business you will benefit from a number of tools that we provide to facilitate your success. These include:

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How to Start A Commercial Cleaning Business

  • Financing: Our commercial cleaning business opportunity includes attractive finance programs to help you to start, support your growth and future needs.
  • Orientation Program: You will participate in a complete orientation program that covers all aspects of the cleaning business, including the latest cleaning methods and techniques as taught by our experienced team of local professionals.
  • Equipment & Supplies: Cleaning equipment, materials and supplies are included to facilitate your start at no additional cost.
  • Insurance & Bond: Anago provides a bonding and insurance program to participate in and protect your business at all times from the very first day you start.
  • Cleaning Contracts: At Anago of Vancouver we provide you with the customer base you’ll need to get your business off the ground. No marketing, sales, or knocking on doors required from you. We focus on getting you customers while you focus on managing and growing your commercial cleaning business.
  • Operational Support: We put our decades of experience in the cleaning industry to work for you by providing the systems and guidance to run the day-to-day aspects of your Anago cleaning business.
  • Administrative Assistance: You will avoid the hassles associated with invoicing and collecting on those invoices because we will handle it for you! You can even participate in our Guaranteed Payment Option to make sure you GET PAID even if your clients pay late or do not pay at all.
  • Sales & Marketing: Anago “starts you off” with brochures, shirts, aprons and other promotional materials, saving you hundreds of dollars.

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How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business From Scratch

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