Specialized Yoga Studio Cleaning

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If you run a yoga studio, it is important to customize your cleaning procedures to accommodate the needs of your space. Here is what is most important in specialized yoga studio cleaning.

Mats & Other Shared Items

Yoga mats, blocks, bands, and any other shared items are what we call “high-touch surfaces,” which are any surfaces that multiple people touch multiple times throughout the day. These items can be hotspots for germ spreading if not cleaned thoroughly and often. Encourage guests to wipe down their own mats after use and make sure that you are sanitizing them regularly as well.


Most of the time people prefer to do yoga barefoot, which means that anything on the studio floor will get on people’s feet, and vice versa. Not only that, but all that yoga is going to lead to some sweat which will inevitably get on the floor. All of this means that the floor of a yoga studio can be a hotspot for spreading germs. Make sure that the floors of your yoga studio are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected frequently. Not only will your floors look great, you’ll reduce the spread of illness too and keep your customers safer.


If you have lockers for your guests to stow their belongings during class, you will want to make sure that these are cleaned at least once a day. Lockers are high-touch areas because multiple people will be using them and touching them with their bare hands throughout the day. That means they can quickly get smudges and look unappealing, plus they will become a germ hotspot if not properly sanitized.

Mold Prevention

If your studio specializes in hot yoga, the warm, humid environment that this creates can be exactly what mold requires to grow and thrive. In order to prevent mold from forming, make sure that your space is disinfected thoroughly and often and make sure that the vacuums used in your studio have HEPA filters to get rid of any mold spores.

At Anago of Vancouver, our janitorial teams offer specialized cleaning services tailored to yoga studios. That means that you will get exactly the services you need to ensure that your studio is hygienic, safe, and welcoming for your guests at all times.


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