Common Workplace Habits That Make a Mess

Cleaning a Messy Desk

We all know by now that there are a ton of benefits to a clean office, but how come it’s so tough to keep the darn office clean? Avoid these common workplace habits that make a mess and you’ll find maintaining cleanliness at work much easier.


Not Tidying Your Desk Before You Leave 

We know, when the end of the day comes, you just want to go home already and relax. But not tidying your desk means that the mess will build and build until you’ve got some major cleaning up to do. A good habit to get into is to set aside 5 minutes at the end of every day to tidy up your desk. Put anything away that you’re done with, stack papers neatly, throw out any trash that’s accumulated on your desk surface over the course of the day. Just 5 minutes each day will save you a lot of time wading through a disorganized mess.


Not Doing Your Dishes 

Dirty dishes piling in the lunchroom sink are messy, ugly, take up space, and provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Yuck. Commit to washing your dishes immediately after using them–they’ll be easier to wash now than if you wait for the food to harden and get stuck on them. Encourage this as part of the universal office kitchen cleaning etiquette and rules that everyone should follow. If you have a larger workplace where dishes seem to be never ending, hire a cleaning company that will take care of this chore for you.

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Not Having a Cleaning Schedule 

If you don’t have a set cleaning schedule, you’re probably not going to clean at all. Set specific times when you’re going to clean and stick to them. If there’s more cleaning than you can tackle, hire a reputable cleaning team and come up with a cleaning schedule that will not disturb productivity in your workplace.


Not Using a Bathroom Cleaning Checklist 

It is important to have an office bathroom cleaning checklist, whether your own staff is cleaning the bathroom or you have hired professional cleaners to do so. The bathroom is a hotbed of germs and bacteria, so it is especially important to do a thorough cleaning job every time. Create a checklist that includes every bathroom cleaning task–from toilets to door handles–so that whoever is cleaning it can go down the list methodically and ensure that everything has been done.

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