Why Communication Matters When it Comes to Cleaning Companies

Janitor seen from the waist down mopping an office floor next to a yellow "Caution Wet Floor" sign.

Most businesses prefer to have their facilities cleaned after hours when staff and customers are not present, particularly in this time when social distancing is so important. This means that you probably won’t have a lot of face-to-face interactions with your cleaning team, and so open lines of communication are essential to make sure that you and your cleaners are on the same page and so that you are fully aware of everything that they are doing.

Here are some ways that a good commercial cleaning company will ensure good communication with their clients:

Customer Support

Always choose a cleaning company that has a reputation for good customer service and can demonstrate how they will provide support should you need it. At Anago, clients have access to our franchisees 24/7 through our client support phone line, and our cleaners always respond to emergencies within two hours. Our cleaners also perform regular inspections in order to ensure maximum accountability.

Communication Logs

A high quality commercial cleaning company will keep detailed communication logs to keep clients apprised of exactly what cleaning has been done. Anago cleaning teams keep a detailed communication log at every facility they clean with a detailed record of exactly what cleaning tasks were completed and when.

Anago franchisees pride themselves on ensuring excellent communication between clients and cleaners. Our cleaners are here to work with you to provide services custom tailored to your business–and that starts by listening to your needs!


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