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If you have an issue with a cleaning job, you’re a lot more likely to have your concern heard dealt with accordingly by a company than an independent contractor. A good cleaning company will have specific procedures and standards in place that they will promise to live up to (and, failing that, they’ll make it up to you if you are dissatisfied), while contractors do not need to have the same standards.

Better Cleaning Products

Cleaning companies are going to have a larger budget for cleaning supplies and equipment than a contractor, so you are likely to get a more thorough cleaning done simply because of that! At Anago, we use all environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaners that are effective and safe.

The Anago Plan

Proper Licensing

You can rest assured that your cleaners are properly certified and licensed if you hire a reputable business as opposed to an individual contractor. Some contractors are properly certified, of course, but many aren’t, whereas if you hire a professional cleaning company you can rest assured that you are hiring licensed professionals.

Better Communication

An individual contractor simply can’t be available to their customers at the same capacity that a company can. For example, Anago staff are available 25/7 through the customer support phone line, so you can reach our cleaning teams whenever you need to. Independent contractors just don’t have the manpower to be available as much, which means a lack of communication, which can translate to unhappy customers.


All cleaning services are provided by licensed Anago® unit franchisees. Each unit franchisee is independently owned and operated and is licensed to use the Anago® trademarks and system pursuant to a franchise agreement between it and an Anago® subfranchisor. Neither Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc. nor Anago Franchising, Inc. provide cleaning services or offer or grant unit franchises. All information on this website is subject to change.



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