Reception and Waiting Area Cleaning and Why it’s So Important

Worker at reception desk handing a key to a guest.

Waiting area and reception cleaning is just one of the types of cleaning that Anago of Vancouver specializes in. Here’s why it matters.

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Make a Good First Impression

Your reception area is the first thing that visitors to your facility will see when they walk in off the street–in fact, it may be something that people walking past on the street see through the windows. This means that your reception or waiting area is what visitors are basing their first impression of your business on. Having a clean and tidy reception space makes visitors feel comfortable, welcome, and respected and sets up how they will feel about your business from first impression onwards.

Reduce the Spread of Germs

Not only does a clean reception/waiting area make visitors feel welcome, it also helps keep them safe. Germs spread easily through surfaces that multiple people touch throughout the day, and with the amount of people coming and going through a waiting room or reception area, the risk of picking up germs and developing a cold, flu, or other ailment is high. Having your waiting area cleaned thoroughly by a commercial cleaner reduces the risk of germs spreading and helps keep your visitors and staff healthy.

Boost Employee Wellbeing

Your employees have to spend a lot of time in your reception or waiting area, and if it’s not properly cleaned or is a mess, they will not feel as happy doing their job as they could. Having a clean, tidy work area has been shown to boost employees’ wellbeing and make them feel more respected and valued. 

What is Included in Reception & Waiting Area Cleaning?

A good commercial cleaning company will clean floors, surfaces, and entryways in reception areas with special attention paid to germ hotspots. These hotspots will differ from facility to facility, but generally areas in waiting rooms and lobbies that require the most sanitizing due to frequent touch include door handles, elevator buttons, telephone receivers, seating, and reception desks.

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