Tips to Change Messy Staff Habits

Cleaner sanitizing door handle with rag and detergent spray

Is your staff making a mess? These simple tips can help change workplace habits and help keep your commercial space cleaner.

Find & Address Pain Points

Take a look around your workplace and ask yourself which areas are always messy? Can you figure out why? If a particular area is always messy, that probably means it gets a lot of use and there isn’t an easy way for staff to clean up after themselves. What would make it easier to keep these areas clean? Think this through and come up with some possible solutions to try. Sometimes keeping an area clean is as simple as having a container of wipes at the ready for people to use.

Go Digital

Using less paper means less paperwork, which means less clutter around the office. Try to go as paperless as you can by switching to digital processes. This is better for the environment and cuts down on desk clutter around the workplace.

Keep Cleaning Products Accessible

Make sure that you have plenty of cleaning products on hand and in an easy-to-grab place everybody on staff knows about. Wipes are especially good to have in accessible spots, so everyone can clean up quickly whenever they spill something or notice a surface that needs to be wiped down.

Hire Commercial Cleaners

Even when your team has the best workplace cleanliness habits, it’s a good idea to hire commercial cleaners to ensure that everything is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Anago of Vancouver’s cleaning teams have experience performing specialized cleaning services for offices, healthcare facilities, retail establishments, fitness centres, and more!


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