Time-Saving Cleaning Tips from Professionals

Professional cleaner in an office with a mop and cleaning cart.

Wish your cleaning was a little more time efficient? Take these tips from the pros.

Say Goodbye to Clutter

A less cluttered space is much quicker to clean because you don’t have to spend a lot of time moving items off of and back onto surfaces when you want to clean them. Keep surface clutter to a minimum by limiting unnecessary items and storing most things in drawers or filing cabinets with only your most frequently used essential items kept on surfaces.

Stick to a Schedule

Make time to clean and stick to your schedule. This will save you a ton of time because if you just do a little cleaning now and then when you have a free minute, you cannot do a full, thorough job and will likely go back over things you’ve already done later. It’s much more efficient to set aside a half hour on a specified day to do a full, thorough cleaning, and then don’t worry about it again until your next scheduled cleaning session.

Use a Toothbrush for Hard-to-Reach Areas

Keep a few extra toothbrushes on hand, not for oral hygiene, but for cleaning! There are always some hard-to-reach areas that will take you a lot of time to get clean with your regular cleaning supplies but will just take a minute if you use a toothbrush to get in there and scrub. 

Dust Before You Vacuum

Has this ever happened to you? You vacuum your floors, then dust your surfaces, only to find you have to vacuum again because you knocked dust on the floor? Talk about a time waster. Get in the habit of always dusting before you vacuum and you’ll never have to double vacuum again.

The above tips are great for saving some time on cleaning, but sometimes no matter how you slice it, you just don’t have time to do the cleaning yourself. Hire Anago and let our professional cleaning teams take care of it for you.

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