Anago of Vancouver Receives Consumer Choice Award 2018


Anago of Vancouver Cleaning Services has been awarded the 2018 Consumer Choice Award for the commercial cleaning industry. We are proud to announce that Anago of Vancouver, Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services has been awarded as the 2018 Consumer Choice Awards winner in the category commercial cleaning industry. Anago of [...]

Anago of Vancouver Receives Consumer Choice Award 20182023-02-27T07:31:41-08:00

Consumer Choice Award!


Congratulations to Anago of Vancouver for the Consumer Choice Award! Anago of Vancouver has been elected as the Top-ranked organization in its industry through the Consumer Choice Award that our office has received! This comes as the result of everyone's effort to always seek through our hard work the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients. [...]

Consumer Choice Award!2023-02-27T08:11:54-08:00

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