Sustainable Cleaning Tips

Green Cleaning Tips

Green Cleaning Tips

A Green Cleaning Company in Vancouver; Anago

We hear words like “sustainability” and “green” thrown around a lot these days, but what do these terms really mean? Something that can continue indefinitely without draining resources or causing any damage is considered sustainable. Many cleaning practices do not fit into this definition because they rely on chemicals that hurt the environment and produce a lot of waste. Here are some simple, effective ways to make your cleaning routine more sustainable.

Environmentally Friendly Products

A lot of cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that wash down pipes and end up seeping into the ground. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and potentially harmful to our health as well and there’s no reason to use them when there are plenty of effective, environmentally friendly alternatives. Look for an environmentally friendly product and read the ingredients list–sometimes products will market themselves as “green” or “natural” but still contain harsh chemicals.

Reusable Cloths

Use cloth instead of paper towel to clean in order to reduce paper waste. Microfibre cloths work best: they are effective for dry dusting or wet with cleaning product to clean surfaces and bacteria is less likely to grow on microfibre than on regular cloths because microfibre dries very quickly.

Get different coloured cloths and assign each colour to a specific cleaning job. Have one colour of cloth that you always use for cleaning the toilet and another colour that is reserved for cleaning kitchen counters so that you don’t get them mixed up (yuck!). Simply throw the cloths in the laundry after use and reuse them the next time you are cleaning. Using cloths means that you are helping reduce waste and you don’t end up spending a bunch of money unnecessarily on paper products.

At Anago, our franchisees use as many reusable products as they can in order to reduce our environmental footprint. Read more about the Anago Plan.

Buy Products in Bulk

Buy your cleaning products in large, bulk-sized bottles. Once you find a cleaning product you like, you know you are going to use large amounts of it over time, so buy the bigger container and reduce the amount of packaging you’ll go through. As an added bonus, buying in bulk also saves you money!

Choose Anago

If you are hiring commercial janitorial company for your place of business, make sure that they are also doing what they can for the environment. At Anago, our franchisees always use sustainable practices to make sure they are doing their part to reduce waste while ensuring a safe, sparkling clean facility.


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