Important Factors in Supermarket Cleaning

woman wearing a mask in a supermarket, holding a grocery basket and a lemon.

A clean, inviting environment that customers can rely on is essential when it comes to running a supermarket. Cleanliness in any retail space is imperative to ensure customer safety, but especially so in a retail space that deals with food. Some of the most important aspects of supermarket cleaning include:

Floor Care

Supermarket floors can get dirty easily. Customers track in dirt from the sidewalk outside, not to mention germs from their homes, public transit and anywhere else they have been. Each person going into a supermarket is likely to walk up and down quite a few aisles, as well, so the mess is spread all over the store’s flooring. Having sparkling clean floors is essential to providing a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

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High-Touch Surfaces

There are a number of high-touch surfaces that are unique to retail stores and supermarkets in particular. These include debit/credit machines, shopping carts and baskets, and selve-serve areas in deli and bakery sections. All high-touch surfaces need to be sanitized regularly throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs as more and more customers touch these areas.

Deli and Bakery Sanitizing

Anywhere that food is being prepared must be carefully sanitized to avoid cross contamination. Self-serve areas that contain communal tongs, bakery drawers with handles that customers pull out, and things like olive bars all require frequent cleaning in a given day. The parts of the deli and bakery where customers do not go are also extremely important in terms of cleaning. The areas where bakery products are being baked or where deli foods are being prepared must be cleaned carefully and regularly to avoid cross contamination from various foods. This means ovens, meat cutters, cutting boards, utensils, and any other surfaces involved in food prep must be given special attention during daily cleaning.

For the cleanest, safest supermarket environment, trust Anago of Vancouver’s expert cleaning teams.

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