Workplace Cleaning: Top Ways to Encourage Staff to Clean Up After Themselves

Gloved hand wiping down a desk with a pink cloth.

Make it Easy

Keep wipes handy in multiple places so that it’s easy for staff to grab them and wipe down surfaces throughout the day. A person is much more likely to think to wipe down their desk if they can just reach over and grab a wipe as opposed to having to get up and go to a supply closet in another room to get the wipes. Have an easy-access cleaning station somewhere readily available that has wipes, all-purpose surface cleaner, paper towel, and keyboard cleaner.


Schedule Cleanup Time

Scheduling a little cleanup time when you encourage everyone to tidy up their desks can make a big difference because sometimes staff don’t feel like they can take time away from their work to tidy up unless given explicit permission to do so. Try designating 15 minutes on Fridays to cleanup time and suggest that everybody clean their work areas during this time.


Hire a Cleaning Service

Hiring a commercial cleaning company sets a standard of cleanliness around the office and employees are more likely to want to keep things as clean as they were at the beginning of the day. Choose a commercial cleaning company that specializes in your type of facility and provides a customizable cleaning plan that works on your schedule.

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Clear Out the Breakroom Fridge Regularly

If you have a policy of getting rid of all food left in the fridge and dirty dishes left in the sink at a specified time–say, every second Monday–people are more likely to get in the habit of cleaning their dishes and clearing out their abandoned lunches. Send out reminder emails a day or two before your scheduled clearing out day so that people will remember and take care of anything they’ve left behind.

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