Office Spring Cleaning Tips

Office Spring Cleaning

A Guide to Workplace Spring Cleaning


Clutter makes us less productive because it is harder to find things in a cluttered environment, and a cluttered workspace makes it more difficult for your brain to focus on the task at hand. 

Go through that stack of miscellaneous papers on your desk, throw out what you can, and file everything else away. Remember, containers are your friend! Having a small bin with your office odds and ends (erasers, post-its, whatever’s lying around) keeps everything contained and much neater than having all of that stuff spread out on your desk.

Have the Carpets Cleaned

If you have carpeting in your office, it is a good idea to get it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Spring is a great time to refresh your carpet, especially since over the winter people will have tracked in their share of mud, road salt, and other debris. Anago’s franchisees specialize in floor care and carpet cleaning.

Wipe Down Forgotten Surfaces

There are some surfaces around the office that are usually forgotten about during regular cleaning, such as high shelves and window sills. Give these neglected surfaces a little love! Dust them and wipe them down with an antibacterial cleaning solution.

Clean Keyboards and Mice

It’s easy to forget about cleaning your keyboard and computer mouse, but these are absolute hotbeds of germ activity! Give them a thorough clean (that means getting in between the buttons of your keyboard with a cotton swab) and keep antibacterial wipes on hand all the time so people can wipe down their keyboards, mice, and desk surfaces.

Make sure you wipe down your printers and copiers too. The “start” buttons are especially likely to need a good clean since people touch them all the time but they are often overlooked in regular cleaning


Spring cleaning is a great excuse to change up the look of your office by moving things around. Is there a more efficient way you could be using the space in your office? If you just get rid of a bunch of clutter and shuffle some furniture around, you can completely transform the look and feel of your whole space.

Clean the Whiteboard

Don’t just erase it, actually clean it. Most office board rooms have a whiteboard (or several) and they tend to start looking a little dingy and stained. Use a whiteboard cleaning solution to give it a good scrub and get your whiteboard looking, well, white again.

Spring Clean Your Office

Need a Little Help?

Not everyone has the time or bandwidth to do a thorough spring cleaning around the office, which is why it can be a great idea to bring in professional commercial cleaners to do a deep clean of your office for spring. Anago’s cleaners specialize in office spaces and know exactly how to get your workplace in tip top shape.



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