Specialized Factory Cleaning

Worker in a blue hard hat walking across a factory floor.

Industrial facilities like factories and manufacturing plants require specialized cleaning practices that not all commercial cleaning companies are experienced. At Anago, our franchisees know what it takes to properly clean a factory space. Here is what goes into specialized factory and manufacturing facility cleaning.

Factory Floor Cleaning

The factory floor is likely where the biggest messes occur. You have workers traipsing around, waste from producing/packaging your product, machine coolants and lubricants potentially spilling, and other miscellaneous spills. Your commercial cleaner should pay special attention to the factory floor and set up a program that includes frequent cleaning of this area.

Lunchroom Cleaning

Lunchrooms are inevitably messy places. Food and drinks spill, lunches explode in the microwave, and crumbs get everywhere. As well as cleaning up the obvious messes and sanitizing tables, chairs, counters, and floors, it is important to pay special attention to disinfecting the easily forgotten high-touch surfaces in a lunchroom such as the refrigerator door, kitchen faucet, and microwave handle.

Office Cleaning

Although the office area may be less overtly mess-prone than other spaces in an industrial facility, it should not be neglected. The office will house many high-touch surfaces, such as keyboards, photocopy machines, and telephones, all of which are germ hotbeds. Make sure that your cleaner is giving some love to these areas.

Now more than ever, thorough cleaning in the workplace is essential for the health of our business, our staff, and our community. Choose a commercial cleaner that prioritizes a job well done and has experience with specialized cleaning in factories and manufacturing plants. Choose Anago.


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