Signs it’s Time to Switch Cleaning Companies

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A good cleaning company is essential to the safety and operation of your commercial space. If you are thinking about switching to a new cleaning service, here are some signs that your current company isn’t providing everything that they should be.

They Haven’t Implemented Additional Cleaning Procedures

With the current global pandemic, it is essential to increase cleaning efforts and implement stricter procedures for cleaning and sanitizing, If your cleaning company has not added new, more in-depth steps to their cleaning process, you should consider switching to a company that has. Anago now offers disinfecting protection plans to help businesses dealing with the pandemic.

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They Can’t Provide a Flexible Schedule

If you find yourself working to accommodate your cleaning service’s schedule and not the other way around, there’s something wrong. Your commercial cleaning service should be able to provide a custom cleaning schedule that works with your individual requirements.

Poor Communication

If it is difficult to communicate with your cleaning company, whether that is in terms of being made aware of exactly what cleaning was done or being able to easily get in touch with your cleaning company to touch base or when you need emergency cleaning done.

You Notice Inconsistent Cleaning

If you come into your facility to find that sometimes it is not cleaned as usual, this may be an indication that your cleaning company does not provide adequate training or have a proper procedure in place. Anago has strict cleaning procedures in place that our cleaners always follow, and our staff are provided with ongoing training in order to ensure consistent, thorough cleaning every time.

They Don’t Use Environmentally Friendly Supplies

Chemicals and paper waste from commercial cleaning takes a toll on the environment, and using harsh chemical cleaners can pose a health risk as well. Your cleaning service should use only non-toxic cleaning products and have policies in place to reduce waste where possible. Anago cleaners only use green cleaning products and use waste-free supplies such as microfibre cloths in order to decrease paper waste.

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