Reduce Back-to-School Germs

A group of young children in backpacks running towards a school

Back-to-school season means one thing to many families: germs. Here are some tips to reduce germs in your school this year.

Disinfect High-Touch Items Frequently

After a summer of being away from their classmates, children are suddenly once again touching the same surfaces as everyone else in school. That means a lot more germ sharing all of a sudden and, in turn, a lot more illness. The best way you can reduce the spread of colds, flus, and other illnesses during the school year is to make sure that high-touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, and bathroom fixtures are disinfected frequently throughout the day.

Have Hand Sanitizer and Wipes Nearby

Keep hand sanitizer in a few places in your school and make sure that both kids and teachers are encouraged to use it often. This helps slow the spread of germs and keep high-touch surfaces cleaner. 

For kindergartens, preschools, and younger grades, make sure that you keep wipes on hand to make it easy to clean toys in between playtimes.

Always Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

While frequent cleaning is particularly important in schools, it is also essential to remember that children can be especially sensitive to chemical fumes, not to mention the fact that littler kids have a tendency to put their mouths on, well, everything, so you don’t want to be cleaning surfaces with anything that could be toxic or harmful. Always choose non-toxic, naturally-derived cleaning products to keep everyone safe.

Anago of Vancouver uses only natural, green cleaning products that are proven to be effective yet non-toxic. 

Hire a Cleaning Team

The best way to ensure reduced germs in a school, kindergarten, or daycare is to hire a professional cleaning team that specializes in this area. At Anago of Vancouver, we have specialized procedures in place specifically for schools, daycares, and other child-occupied spaces in order to provide the safest, cleanest environment possible.

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