Clean office reception area

The reception area of your business is often the first place that people see, which means it gives the first impression of your organization. Having a clean, welcoming reception area is essential to providing guests with a positive experience.

Follow these simple tips to make sure that your reception area is looking its best.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

The less clutter you have in your reception area, the tidier it will look and the cleaner it will be. Having a lot of items cluttering up the space not only looks messy, it also attracts dust and makes it more difficult to thoroughly clean the area. Having clear surfaces makes them easy to wipe down and disinfect and makes the space appear more open and inviting to guests.

Focus on Floor Care

Floor care is especially important in your reception area because people are tracking in dirt and debris through the entranceway. Make sure that any flooring, carpeting, and area rugs in the reception area are given extra attention and cleaned frequently. This will not only keep your reception area cleaner, it will also reduce the amount of dirt and mud that is tracked into the rest of your building.

Provide Hand Sanitizer

Making hand sanitizer readily available to anyone using your reception or waiting area is a great way to encourage clean hands and reduce the amount of germs on surfaces. Make sure that you have hand sanitizer available and in a spot that guests will see as they enter, and be sure to keep it filled.

Air Quality

Indoor air quality is much lower than outdoor air quality, and a stuffy reception area will not make guests feel welcome. Try to air out the space when you can by opening windows and doors. Houseplants also clean the air and make a reception area look and feel more welcoming, so adding a few large houseplants to the area is a great way to make the space more pleasant while improving the air quality.

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