Questions to Ask Cleaning Services Before Hiring Them

Janitor cleaning the inside of an office window.

Wondering how to choose a commercial cleaning service? Start by asking these questions.

Do You Specialize in My Industry?

Many cleaning companies offer a general “catch-all” cleaning service but do not actually have the expertise required for your industry. Different types of commercial spaces, whether they are gyms or offices or dental clinics, have different needs when it comes to cleaning and you want to find a cleaning company that has specialized procedures in place for your particular industry. 

What Type of Cleaning Products & Supplies Do You Use?

If you are concerned about your environmental footprint and/or the use of harmful chemicals in your space, make sure that you find out what type of cleaning supplies will be used. At Anago of Vancouver, our cleaning teams use only green certified, fruit-acid based cleaners that are completely safe, non-toxic, and very effective, as well as recyclable containers and reusable microfibre products whenever possible in order to reduce paper waste.

Are You Insured?

Always make sure that the cleaners you hire are properly certified and insured. If you ask about this and there is any hesitation or confusion as to the answer, that’s a sign you should seek out a different company.

Are Your Cleaning Plans Customizable?

Make sure to ask about customizing your cleaning plan. Some cleaning services only offer set cleaning plans that include specific services, which may result in you paying for services you don’t really want. Ask about customizing the services, frequency, and schedule of your cleaning plan.

At Anago of Vancouver, we want our customers to get exactly what they want, so we offer fully customizable cleaning plans and work with you to make sure that you’re getting the right services and scheduling for your individual needs.

Can I Get a Free Quote?

Any good professional commercial cleaning company should be able to give you an accurate free quote for the services you want. 

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