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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaner

Thinking of hiring a cleaner for your commercial space? Great idea! Before you make your pick, here are a few questions to ask about your prospective cleaners.


Do They Have Experience with Your Type of Facility?

You might think all cleaners have the same knowledge and skill set, but here’s the thing: cleaning an office is pretty different from cleaning a hospital. It’s a good idea to hire a cleaner that has experience in your type of facility. This way they will know what specific germ hotspots require extra attention, any specialized techniques they should be using, etc.

Anago has expertise in cleaning many different types of facility, from medical clinics to cleaning churches.

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Are They Fully Insured?

Proper insurance is important to protect you from any liability if a cleaner has an accident while working. Any reputable cleaning company, like Anago, will be fully insured and transparent about their coverage.


Do They Use Environmentally Friendly Products?

Many commercial cleaning products are chemical-laden, harsh, and potentially harmful. Choose a cleaning company that uses green, environmentally friendly products. It’s better for the earth and helps keep your staff and patrons safe. Anago uses only green cleaning products as well as uses microfibre cloths instead of paper to reduce waste where possible. Our franchisees are committed to doing everything they can to promote sustainability and keep you safe.


What Kind of Training Do Their Employees Have?

You want to rest assured that the people you’re hiring are professionals you can trust, so it is important to ask about the screening and training process your prospective cleaners have gone through and pick a company that prioritizes professional conduct and skill development.

Anago franchisees and their staff are provided with ongoing training to ensure that they are always improving and learning the latest industry techniques. Anago is always committed to professionalism and a job well done.


Will They Work Around Your Schedule?

Many people prefer to have their facility cleaned outside of business hours to prevent any disruption of workflow. Business hours differ from place to place, and Anago understands that. That’s why our franchisees are happy to work with you to design a custom cleaning schedule built around your business.

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What Kind of Communication Pathways Do They Provide?

This one is often overlooked, but it’s a good idea to know what your communication with your cleaners will look like, especially if they will be cleaning your facility outside of business hours when you are not present.

Anago’s franchisees are always available through a 24/7 client support line, and a detailed communications log is kept at every facility Anago cleans so that you can see the specifics of what your cleaners are doing.



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