Top 5 Areas in Your Workplace That Would Benefit from Professional Cleaning

A janitor cleaning an office desk

These areas often go overlooked or are not cleaned properly. Hire a professional cleaning service to ensure that these areas are kept sanitary and clean.

Door Handles, Elevator Buttons, and Light Switches

Any buttons, switches, or handles are what we consider “high-touch surfaces,” or surfaces that will usually be touched by multiple people multiple times throughout the day. These are often forgotten and will go days, weeks, or even months without being properly sanitized, but they are breeding grounds for germs. Having your workplace’s high-touch surfaces regularly cleaned by a professional will help reduce and slow the spread of illness.


Restrooms can be a bacteria hotspot if not thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every day. Professional cleaning teams will give your commercial space’s restrooms the care they need by properly cleaning toilets, floors, high-touch surfaces, sinks, countertops, and floors. The cleanliness of your restrooms is essential to the health and safety of your staff and guests.

Kitchen/Break Room

The communal kitchen or break room in a workplace is often one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to cleaning. Because people are eating and preparing food in this space, there tends to be a lot of bacteria and germs on surfaces like countertops, fridge door handles, coffee machines, and dining tables. With a professional cleaning service, you can rest assured that your kitchen is being sanitized regularly, so you don’t have to worry about your team eating in an unhygienic environment.

Reception Areas

Your reception area is the first place that guests spend time, making it the space that informs their first impression of your company. Make sure that your company shows its best side with a sparkling clean reception area that feels inviting and comfortable. A professional cleaning team will keep your reception area or waiting room tidy, clean seating, tables, and desks, and make sure that your guests feel welcomed by the space.


For many workers, most of the day is spent at their desk. That means they might be eating, drinking, talking to clients, working on projects, and many other things at their desk. This can result in a lot of grime buildup. Professional janitors will carefully clean desks, including phone receivers and other high-touch items, and leave your workers with a tidier, healthier space to spend the majority of their day.


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