Tips to Prevent Pests

Ants on a piece of food

Keep pests out of your commercial space with these simple tips.

Empty Garbage Frequently & Clean Bins

Garbage is a big attraction for pests of all kinds, from ants to rodents. Taking the trash out regularly is essential, but you also need to clean out the garbage bins frequently. Spray the inside and outside down with surface cleaner and wipe it down at least once a week to prevent rodents from being attracted to the smell of your bins.

Make Sure Food is Stored Properly

If there’s one thing that will attract pests without a doubt, it’s food. Make sure that any food kept in the workplace is stored properly in the office kitchen, whether that be in the fridge or in airtight, sealed containers. Also ask staff to dispose of their leftover lunches or any snacks they’ve left on their desks properly and in a timely manner. A forgotten sandwich crust left at someone’s workspace over the weekend is enough to bring pests in.

Clean Spills as Soon as They Happen

If you spill a coffee or notice crumbs on the break table, clean them up immediately. The longer food spills and crumbs hang around, the more likely they are to bring in unwanted visitors. Make sure that your staff has easy access to everything they need to clean up spills quickly and easily. Have wipes, surface cleaner, and paper towels readily available to grab when needed.

Hire Commercial Cleaners

The best way to prevent pests in your commercial space is to hire reputable cleaners to ensure that everything is kept clean and free of anything that might attract insects or rodents. The cleaning teams at Anago of Vancouver specialize in commercial facilities of all kinds and offer fully customizable cleaning plans tailored to your business.


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