If you are wondering what to do before your commercial cleaners arrive, here are some quick tips for prepping your space to help the cleaning process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Come Up With a Schedule That Works for You

Choose a commercial cleaning company with flexible, customizable schedule options. Think about what works for your space and what doesn’t — do you need your cleaning to be done outside of business hours or will cleaning not disrupt the flow of your business? Make a plan and talk to your cleaners about how best to schedule your service. Anago of Vancouver’s franchisees understand that every business is different and offers fully customizable cleaning schedules.

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Clear the Clutter

Tidy up excess clutter on desks and other surfaces before your cleaners arrive. Put away papers, pens, and other assorted desk items that can be easily stowed in a drawer or elsewhere. This will give your cleaners more access to be able to clean surfaces as thoroughly as possible. 

Inform Your Team

Let your staff know when your commercial cleaners will be coming in so that your team can organize their plans accordingly and clear clutter from their work station if needed/desired. Communicating clearly to your team when the cleaners will be doing their job and exactly what to expect will help to prevent any disruption of workflow for both your staff and your cleaners.

Remove Objects from the Floor

Before your cleaning team arrives, remove any non-furniture objects from the floor. This allows your cleaners better access to floors and carpets so that they can vacuum and clean floors unhindered. Clear the floor of boxes, fans, space heaters, personal items, and anything else small enough to easily move out of the way.

Prep for Deep Cleans

If you are getting a deep clean done, follow all of the steps above and prep in these additional ways as well:

  • Remove all frames, whiteboards, and wall decor so that walls are cleared and easy to clean
  • Remove houseplants from surfaces and move standing houseplants somewhere else to make room for floor cleaning
  • Clear window sills of all objects 

Now you know how to prep your commercial space, all you have to do is hire your cleaners! Anago of Vancouver’s cleaning teams offer specialized cleaning services for commercial facilities of all kinds.

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