Post-Construction Cleaning: What is it?

Worker at a dusty construction site

Wondering what post-construction cleaning entails? Here are the quick facts.

Why is Post-Construction Cleaning Necessary?

When construction on newly built or renovations has been completed, it is a good idea to hire a specialized commercial cleaning team to perform post-construction cleaning services. Although your construction company will perform a general cleanup after completing the construction project, this is not a very detailed or thorough service. Your space will likely need the expertise of a professional cleaning company to get it looking its best.

How Post-Construction Cleaning Works

What Services are Included?

Dust Removal

Construction projects leave a lot of dust across all surfaces, which is a respiratory health risk. Your post-construction cleaning team will perform a full removal of dust from all surfaces using specialized equipment.

Floor Care

You may think that if flooring or carpeting was just installed, it couldn’t be all that dirty. However, the dust and grime from a construction project leaves carpets and hard-surface floors surprisingly dirty. Anago of Vancouver’s post-construction cleaning services include flooring and carpet deep cleaning to ensure that all of the dust and dirt are properly removed.

Specialized Waste Disposal

Many construction sites produce waste that requires specialized disposal and cannot just be taken to the dump. Anago of Vancouver’s experienced post-construction cleaners know how different types of waste need to be disposed of according to specific regulations and will make sure that everything is disposed of properly.

If you are looking for professional post-construction cleaning services you can rely on, look no further! Trust Anago of Vancouver with all your commercial cleaning needs.


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