Cleaning Tips for Pet-Friendly Workplaces

A cat sitting on top of a tablet on a desk next to a computer.

Do you have an office dog or a feline friend at your place of work? Having pets around is great, it gives your staff the flexibility they need as pet-owners, and it gives everyone who uses the space a little animal therapy. However, pets come with their own set of cleaning needs. Here are some handy tips for cleaning a pet-friendly workplace.

 Keep Spot Cleaners on Hand

Sometimes Spot is going to make a spot on the carpet, it’s just a fact of life. Keep spot cleaners on hand so that if your workplace pet has an accident, it’s quick and easy to clean up as soon as it happens.

Freshen Up

Sometimes pet smell can get a little overpowering in an enclosed space, so make sure that you keep your workplace smelling fresh. Open windows to air things out regularly if you can, and invest in an essential oil diffuser for a safe, chemical-free way to produce a clean, welcoming scent in the air.

Keep a Vacuum at Work

Having a vacuum on hand is a good idea if you have any furry friends sharing your office, especially if you have any carpeting or upholstery in the space. A quick pass over these areas with a vacuum regularly will make it much easier to keep the space clean and prevent too much hair buildup.

Hire a Cleaner

No matter how diligent you are, pet-related messes will build up over time if you don’t have someone doing a regular deep clean of the space to get rid of dirt, hair, debris, and odours caused by your furry friends. Hire a reputable cleaning company to clean your workspace regularly in order to keep pet messes at bay.

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