A sparkling clean office kitchen

A 2023 goal every office could benefit from is keeping the communal kitchen cleaner. Here are some tips to get you started.

Don’t Forget to Clean These

Make a habit of regularly cleaning these easy-to-forget areas.

Fridge Door/Handle

You probably clean the inside of the fridge now and then, but when was the last time you cleaned the refrigerator handle and door? Everyone who uses the fridge touches the handle and door every day, which means it is a prime spot for germs to spread. Try to wipe down this high-touch area at least once a day and encourage folks to wash their hands frequently.

Coffee Maker

In an office, it’s easy to assume that someone else has already cleaned the coffee maker. But, if everyone is assuming this, that means nobody is cleaning the coffee maker. Don’t wait until your morning brew starts tasting funky–take the initiative and clean the coffee maker daily.


Kitchen and bathroom faucets can get forgotten easily in your regular cleaning routine because they don’t usually look particularly grimy, but remember that faucets and handles get touched every time somebody uses a sink! Make sure that faucets are thoroughly cleaned at least once a day to help slow the spread of germs.

Avoid Old Lunches Being Left in the Fridge

Appoint a specified day, such as the last Friday of every month, when any unclaimed items in the fridge will be tossed out. Send out a reminder email a few days before to let people know they need to remove their containers, and then go through the fridge on the appointed day and get rid of anything that has been abandoned. This will help keep the fridge cleaner and more organized and prevent nasty odours from developing.

Hire Commercial Cleaners

The most reliable way to keep your office kitchen cleaner? Hire professionals to get the job done! Our cleaning teams specialize in office cleaning and know exactly how to target high-touch areas and often-missed surfaces to give you a gleaming, healthy office kitchen space.


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