Keep Your Workspace Clean with These Products

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Disinfecting Wipes

Make sure you have a supply of disinfecting wipes to wipe down desks, surfaces, door handles, phones, and keyboards. These high-touch points are germ magnets, so it’s a good idea to disinfect them often. Make it easy for everyone in the office to grab wipes whenever they want to. 

Hand Sanitizer

Keep hand sanitizer around to help avoid spreading cold germs at work, especially during the colder months when cold-and-flu season hits. It’s a good idea to give everyone a little bottle to keep on their desk.

Stain-Removal Stick

Have you ever spilled coffee on your shirt before a big meeting? It happens, and it’s not fun. Keep a few stain-removal sticks on hand so your morning coffee doesn’t become your afternoon outfit.

A Duster

A lot of dust accumulates in your average workplace. Keyboards, computer screens, and houseplants can be especially dusty objects. Keep a duster nearby so everyone can give their personal workspaces a quick once over every week or so. This will help improve air quality of the overall space.

White Vinegar

Plain old white vinegar is great to keep in your cleaning kit because it is such a multipurpose product. You can mix it with water and use the solution to clean surfaces, run it through the coffee machine for a thorough clean, or use it as a glass cleaner.

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths have multiple uses and are an environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels. Keep them on hand to wipe down dusty areas, clean surfaces, and mop up spills.

Keep Things Cleaner with Anago

Doing your part at work to maintain cleanliness is important, but you’ll only have a thoroughly clean workspace if you are outsourcing your cleaning to a professional cleaning company. At Anago, our franchisees will work around your schedule to come up with the right cleaning plan for you. We have teams in Surrey, Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby and more.


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