The Risks of Neglecting Cleaning at Work

Cleaner sanitizing door handle with rag and detergent spray

Thinking about letting the cleaning slide in your commercial space? Keeping a clean workplace is actually an important health-and-safety measure. Here are the risks of neglecting cleaning at your place of business.

Increased Spread of Illness

The less you clean your workplace, the more germs are going to be hanging around. That means more colds and flus spreading faster and more widely than if your workplace is cleaned frequently. Because workplaces are intrinsically spaces of collaboration, they are spaces that multiple people use on a daily basis, touching the same surfaces and, if those surfaces are not sanitized regularly, sharing the same germs.

Higher Risk of Injury

If your commercial space is cluttered, or the floors are not being thoroughly cleaned regularly, those using the space are at a greater risk of slip/trip-and-fall injuries. Clutter can cause tripping hazards, and floors that haven’t been cleaned in a while often get sticky, which means people are more likely to fall and hurt themselves on the premises. A tidy space with sparkling clean floors isn’t just easy on the eyes–it’s actually a safety precaution, too!

Negative Impact on Mental Health

Working in a messy, uninviting environment can take a negative toll on workers’ mental health. People are happier and feel more satisfied with their jobs when their work environment is clean, sanitary, and uncluttered. Not only is keeping a clean and tidy workplace beneficial to your team’s physical health, it will also improve their mental wellness.

Poor Impression on Clients & Guests

If you have customers, guests, or clients entering your business on a regular basis, you need to be conscious of the kind of impression that you are making on them. A poorly cleaned space that is cluttered or messy is going to reflect poorly on your business, and may influence visitors to decide not to give you their business.

Hurt Your Bottom Line

All of the above risks of not keeping your workplace clean accumulate and end up costing your organization more money in the long run on sick days, employee turnover, lost clients, and more. While you may initially think that hiring a commercial cleaning company is an added cost, it is actually an investment in your business that will end up paying for itself.


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