Tips for Keeping Your Staff Sanitary and Safe

Person in a red sweater squirting sanitizer into their hand.

Whatever kind of business you are running, whether it’s a warehouse or a retail store, going the extra mile when it comes to sanitary practices makes a huge difference in the safety of your staff, customers, and community right now.

Encourage Masks (for Everyone)

Encourage both staff and customers/clients to wear masks at all times when they are in the space. Have disposable masks on hand so that employees and visitors who do not have their own masks can still wear one.

Encourage Hand Washing

Make sure you have hand washing stations set up with plenty of soap. Put up signs reminding folks that washing for 20 seconds is important to make sure that your hands really get clean.

Keep Wipes Around and Use Them Often

Keep a supply of disinfectant wipes on hand and use them regularly throughout the day to clean high-touch surfaces such as door handles, sink knobs, keyboards, debit/credit machines, etc.

Encourage Employees to Stay Home When Sick

If an employee is exhibiting any symptoms of sickness, even minor ones, make sure that they know they need to stay home. You can also have employees take their temperature at the beginning of each shift and if they have a fever, send them home.

Keep Sanitizer on Hand (Literally!)

Make sure that you have hand sanitizer in various locations to make it easy for both staff and customers to sanitize their hands often. It is especially important to keep hand sanitizer near high-touch surfaces such as doors and cash registers. 

Hire a Cleaning Company

Hiring a reputable cleaning company to regularly sanitize and disinfect your facility is one of the most important things you can do to keep your employees and customers safe. Choose a commercial cleaning company that prioritizes safety and a job well done.


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