How to Keep Your Carpets Clean in the Fall

A janitor steam cleaning an office carpet.

Fall brings cool, crisp weather, changing leaves, and…oh, those leaves are getting tracked inside now. Not to mention the mud.

Yes, there’s a lot to love about fall, but the added mess inside businesses and other commercial spaces is not one of them. Carpets tend to be hit the hardest by fall mess, because carpeting absorbs mud and dirt.  Dirty carpets don’t look good, and the mess can reflect poorly on your company. Not only that, but it’s unhygienic, unhealthy, and carpets that are wet, muddy, or covered in debris from outside can be dangerous tripping hazards.

Hire a Cleaner

Here’s what you can do to keep your carpets their cleanest this fall and winter.

Keep Outdoor Entranceways Clean

The cleaner the path leading up to your door, the less dirt, mud, snow, and salt will be tracked in on peoples’ shoes. Make sure that you keep the path leading up to your door clear of dirt, mud, snow, and debris as much as possible and you’ll have significantly less mess to contend with indoors.

Place Absorbent Mats at All Doors

The biggest obstacle to clean carpets during the fall and winter is mud being tracked in from outside. Make sure that you place absorbent mats at every entranceway and encourage people to wipe their boots as they enter. This will make a big difference in preventing mud, snow, and slush from being tracked in and causing a big mess.

Plan a Deep Clean for the Spring

No matter how careful you are, your carpets will end up with a buildup of dirt and grime after the fall and winter. Plan to have a seasonal deep clean done in the spring and get your carpets professionally shampooed to keep them looking their best.

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