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So, your workplace looks tidy, but how do you know if the commercial janitorial service you hired is leaving your space really clean? Here’s how to know for sure.

What to Check to Tell if Your Workplace is Thoroughly Cleaned


Doorknobs should not be noticeably smudged, grimy, or have fingerprints on them if they’re being cleaned properly. Doorknobs are a hotbed of germ activity because everyone has to touch them to enter and exit the space, so this is a very important surface to keep clean and sanitized.

Reception Area

If your workplace has a reception or waiting area for guests or clients, inspect the area and make sure it is looking its best. If there is upholstered furniture, is it free of crumbs and other debris? Is the floor/carpet clean? If you were a guest would you feel comfortable there?



Check all wastebaskets and see if the trash is being removed regularly. Garbage should be taken out regularly even if the wastebasket isn’t full in order to prevent lingering trash from starting to smell unpleasant. 


Restrooms are another hotbed of germ activity, so it’s important to ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly and often. Check that toilets, sinks, and countertops are clean and do not have water pooling on them and make sure that paper towels and soap dispensers are being refilled often enough.

Need a little help getting your commercial space thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis? Anago of Vancouver offers fully customizable cleaning plans designed to fit with your schedule.

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