How Often Should You Get Commercial Carpets Cleaned?

A commercial carpet cleaning machine

If you manage a commercial building that has carpets, you are probably aware that having them cleaned periodically is an essential part of maintenance, but many people are not exactly sure just how often they should be having their commercial carpets cleaned.

Generally speaking, every 6 to 12 months you should have your carpets cleaned. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind when determining your deep cleaning schedule.

How to Determine the Right Schedule for Carpet Cleaning

Foot Traffic

The amount of foot traffic your carpet gets will dictate how often it should be professionally cleaned. If a lot of people walk on the carpet each day, you should have it cleaned at least every 6 months, or every 4 months if mud, snow, and dirt are often tracked in. However, if your carpet is in an out-of-the-way area and doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic, you can have it cleaned once annually to keep it in peak condition.

The Type of Commercial Space

Different types of commercial spaces have different requirements when it comes to carpet cleaning. For example, a bar or restaurant’s carpets will need to be deep cleaned much more frequently than a strata building’s carpets. Think about the unique messes that come with your industry—such as spilled drinks nightly in a bar or people tracking in snow seasonally in a strata building– and schedule your carpet cleaning accordingly.

If you manage a commercial space where the carpets have a lot of traffic and get spilled on regularly, you should probably schedule a deep cleaning once every quarter, whereas if your space gets minimal traffic and is generally not exposed to a lot of spills and messes, you may only need to have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year.

Vacuuming & Everyday Cleaning

The way you treat carpet cleaning on a daily basis also impacts how often you will need deep cleaning done. If your carpets are diligently vacuumed once or twice a week and any spills are cleaned up right away, your carpet will be in much better condition than a carpet that is neglected. It is still important to have your carpet deep cleaned at least once or twice a year, but taking good care of your carpet means you will not require deep cleaning as frequently as if you neglected it.

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