How Hiring a Cleaning Company Saves You Money

Hiring a commercial cleaning company will actually save your business money in the long term. Here’s how.

Fewer Sick Days

A thoroughly cleaned workplace helps stop the spread of germs, which means your staff will not be exposed to as many cold and flu germs and will get sick less frequently. Not only does that mean your staff will be happier and safer, it also means fewer sick days, which means higher productivity and more money saved.

Stop Paying Executive Salaries for Cleaning Work

Your employees are being paid to do their job, so why are you asking high-paid professionals to clean the office on the job? That translates to you paying high wages for the cleaning work you get done. You should be paying those executive wages to your executives and cleaning wages to cleaners. On the surface it may seem like hiring a cleaning company is an added expense, but really it will save you money by ensuring that your employees are spending their time on their job and not on tidying up.

Lower Turnover Rate

Studies show that clean, tidy workplaces make employees feel happier and more satisfied with their jobs. Hiring professionals to clean your office or facility regularly is a low-cost way to boost employee retention and decrease turnover rates, which in turn saves your company money because hiring and training new employees over and over again costs a bundle.


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