Understanding How Germs Spread in Your Workplace

Office worker sitting at a desk and blowing their nose

Keeping your office safer for staff and guests starts with understanding how germs spread during cold and flu season.

How Do Germs Spread?

Let’s take a look at the most typical way that germs spread through an office. It starts with an employee who may be sick or has been in contact with someone who is sick. This person might pick up germs at home from family or housemates, from dropping off kids at daycare, taking public transit, or any other exposure to germs that can easily happen on the way to work.

That employee then touches a number of surfaces at work, starting with the door handle that everyone who enters the building has to touch. Then, they go about their day, and will need to use the printer, answer the phone, and use the bathroom. Before you know it, that one little germ exposure is all over the office and spreading to multiple members of the team.

High-Touch Surfaces

One of the biggest areas with potential for germ-spreading in your office are what we call “high-touch surfaces.” These are the surfaces that a lot of people touch every day, often multiple times a day. Some common examples of high-touch surfaces are door handles, elevator buttons, and shared office equipment (telephones, printer buttons, etc.). Think about which surfaces staff and/or guests are touching multiple times a day. Now, think about the last time those surfaces were cleaned. To keep your team and visitors safer, and slow down the spread of germs, it is important to have these types of surfaces carefully sanitized at least once a day.


Germs, pollen, and allergens can get deeply embedded in carpet fibres easily, which contributes to the spread of germs as well as a higher content of potentially harmful allergens in the air. To keep your carpets from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, vacuum them every day and have them deep cleaned at least once annually.


We all know that public restrooms are hotspots for germs. Keeping the bathrooms in your office properly cleaned will help to reduce the spread of germs. Your restrooms should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each day for best results. Proper hand hygiene also goes a long way when it comes to slowing the spread of germs in the workplace: so encourage your team to wash their hands thoroughly and often, and make sure that soap dispensers in the restroom are always filled.

Slow the Spread of Germs with Anago of Vancouver

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