How Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Work?

Janitor steam cleaning a carpet

Commercial carpet cleaning is very different from any DIY carpet cleaning you may have done. It involves specialized equipment and techniques designed to lift debris and stains from deep inside the carpet fibers. Here is how commercial carpet cleaning services are performed.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, also called hot water extraction, begins with vacuuming and pre-conditioning the carpet. The technician will then use a hot water extraction machine, which sprays hot water onto the carpet under high pressure, loosening and removing dirt, grime, and other contaminants. This machine also uses powerful suction to extract the water and cleaning solution from the carpet. This process will leave the carpet damp, and drying takes 12–24 hours.

Bonnet Cleaning

For bonnet cleaning, a pre-spray is applied to the carpet surface in order to loosen debris and dirt from the carpet fibres. Next, a rotating floor machine with cotton bonnets is used to extract the spray—along with the loosened dirt and debris—from the carpet. The cotton bonnets are removed throughout the process as they become dirty, and fresh ones are put on until the entire carpet has been thoroughly cleaned.

Spot Cleaning

If you prefer to have specific tough stains pinpointed and cleaned, you can opt for spot cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning professionals will use a spot-cleaning machine to apply a specialized cleaning solution that breaks down stains and removes them from carpet fibres. This is a great option if your carpet is mostly clean but has a few problem areas where spills have left stubborn stains.


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