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How the Cleaning Service You Use Affects Your Hospitality Business

If you run a hotel, inn, B&B, resort, conference centre, or other hospitality business, you know how important the way you present your space is. Even if you already have a dedicated housekeeping staff for guest rooms, it is a good idea to hire a commercial cleaning company to make sure that common areas such as hallways, lobbies, and reception areas are kept immaculate. Here are a few of the ways that the cleaning service you choose makes an impact on your business’s success.

Cleanliness is Most Guests’ #1 Concern

Most people will tell you that cleanliness is the most important factor to them when choosing a hotel, resort, B&B, or other place to stay while travelling. People make a judgement about the cleanliness of a given space within 10 seconds of entering it, so first impressions are important. With that in mind, pay close attention to the lobby/reception area that guests see when they first walk in. Obviously, it is important to keep every part of your hospitality facility clean and tidy, but you want to make sure that the very first space potential guests see is particularly spotless and well organized.

The cleanliness of any hospitality business will make a big difference as to how people view your business and is likely to make or break whether a guest decides to become a returning customer or not. Someone staying at your hotel for the first time is more likely to return the next time they’re in town if your facility—from the guest rooms to the front desk—is clean and tidy.

Ensure a Professional Demeanor

You already know that having friendly, professional employees working the front desk is a huge part of what makes a good impression on your guests. The same goes for your cleaning staff. Odds are, guests will be passing by cleaners in the hallways now and then, and your cleaning team must know how to present a professional, welcoming demeanor. A warm smile and a “good morning” go a long way in making a positive impact on guests.

Maintain a Peaceful Environment

Whether it’s a business trip or a family vacation, guests want the place they’re staying to be a sanctuary where they can retreat and rest after a long, busy day. To maintain the peaceful environment your guests want, it is essential that your cleaning team are mindful of the amount of noise they make as they carry out their duties—you don’t want your cleaners to be disruptive of your guests.

A good commercial cleaner will work around your hours as preferred in order to be as undisruptive to your business as possible. At Anago, our franchisees work with each of their clients to create a customized cleaning plan focusing on the areas you need immaculate and working around the hours you set.


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