Easily Forgotten High-Touch Surfaces in Public Spaces

Elevator buttons with a hand pushing one of them.

Elevator Buttons

Elevator buttons get touched over and over by many people each day, which means they are a hotbed of germs and bacteria, which will be spread far and wide if the buttons aren’t regularly and carefully sanitized. 

Debit/Credit Machines

In retail spaces, the payment processing machines for debit and credit cards, as well as the cash registers, are areas that are touched often by a lot of different people. Even if most people are just tapping their cards on the machine, they’ve touched the card, then the card touches the machine, and every customer’s germs make their way onto the machine. Wipe down debit/credit machines often with disinfectant and keep hand sanitizer nearby so that both customers and staff can clean their hands before and after touching the payment machines.

Door Handles and Knobs

Similar to elevator buttons, door handles and knobs are a high-touch surface that must be touched by every single person entering the space.

Public Benches

Public benches are surfaces that often go unnoticed or cared for when it comes to proper cleanliness. Public benches, whether indoors in a shopping center or outside in front of an establishment, are areas where many people will stop to spend a little time. That means each of those peoples’ germs will be stopping there too. Don’t forget to sanitize any benches on your premises, paying particular attention to armrests.


If you are using the sink in a public bathroom or kitchen, you may not be thinking about all of the other people that are touching it, but everyone who uses that sink has to turn it on, and they do so by touching the knobs. Make sure that all taps, knobs, and sinks are cleaned often and keep hand sanitizer accessible nearby for anyone who wants to use it.

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