How to Make Sure Your Gym is Ready for the New Year

Keeping Your Gym and Fitness Center Clean

Woman weightlifting in a gym.

During this time of year, as we find ourselves attending holiday parties, dinners, and cocktail hours, and generally indulging, many of us are promising ourselves that we’ll be going to the gym regularly once January 1st hits. 

All of those inevitable New Year’s resolutions mean that if you run a fitness facility, you’re going to see an influx of visitors in January. Is your gym ready for the new year?

Cleanliness is especially important in gyms for safety and hygiene reasons, as well as for aesthetics. Due to the nature of any fitness facility, where people are moving and sweating in the same space, there is a lot of potential for germ sharing. Here are some ways to help mitigate it.

Hire the Right Cleaners

Cleaning companies that have experience servicing gyms and other fitness facilities know where the germ hotspots are in this type of space and will give those areas the special attention they need. Choose a commercial cleaner who has worked in fitness facilities before.

At Anago, our franchisees make sure to thoroughly disinfect high touchpoints, showers, change rooms, and exercise equipment, as well as ensure that the entire facility is properly cleaned from top to bottom.

Provide Towels

People are going to sweat in your gym, that’s just reality (if they’re not sweating, something’s wrong!), but you can lessen the amount of sweat getting on everything by making it easy for people to towel off their face, neck, and body. This is also just a nice amenity to offer your visitors because it feels good to wipe away sweat with a fresh towel after (or during) an intense workout. Keep clean hand towels out for people to grab when they need them and provide a clearly marked basket or bin for the used towels to be tossed into.

Have Hand Sanitizer Available

Keep hand sanitizer easily accessible in various places around the gym so that visitors see it and can use it often. Sickness is spread very easily through our hands, so encouraging clean hands makes a big difference when it comes to maintaining a healthy environment.

Encourage People to Wipe Down Equipment

Make sure that everyone knows it’s their responsibility to wipe down any equipment after they’re done using it and make it super easy to do so. Provide disinfectant wipes in an easy-to-grab spot so gym users can just reach for one, wipe down their equipment, and toss the wipe in the bin.

Make it Easy to Freshen Up

We’ve all been there. You’ve just finished a great workout, you’re feeling good, only to realize you forgot your body wash or your deodorant or your shampoo, or all of these things. Provide hygiene products like shampoo, body wash, spray deodorant, and anything else that you think your visitors might appreciate to help them feel fresh.

It is important to make sure your entire facility is clean, from the change rooms to the reception desk. Anago can do it for you! 

Our franchisees gym cleaning services include:

  • Thorough cleaning of lobbies, reception, gym facility, pool area, change room, showers
  • Disinfecting of free weights and exercise equipment
  • Carpet and floor care


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