Why Use Green Cleaning Products?

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It’s Better for the Environment

Most cleaning products contain harsh chemicals which wash down the drain and will eventually make their way into waterways and the soil. These chemicals can have negative effects on wildlife and the ecosystem. Cleaning products made from natural ingredients will not harm the environment when washed down the drain or disposed of.

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It’s Safer

The same harsh chemicals that damage the environment can cause harm to people and pets. Many cleaning products give off dangerous fumes that can cause health issues, plus the chemicals are a safety risk for small children and pets who may accidentally consume the products if not properly supervised.

It Improves Indoor Air Quality

Most cleaning products contribute to pollutants in the air, but green cleaning products do not have any harmful fumes that will linger in the air. Indoor air quality is generally much poorer than outdoor air quality, so it is important to do what we can to improve the air we breathe indoors each day.

Anago’s Promise

At Anago of Vancouver, our franchisees are committed to using only green cleaning products and reducing waste as much as possible. Our cleaners use only environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaners in recyclable containers as well as reusable products such as microfibre cloths as opposed to wasteful paper products. Anago of Vancouver is committed to providing thorough cleaning services that do not come at the expense of health, safety, or the environment. 

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