Signs Your Commercial Cleaners are Doing the Job Right

Commercial cleaner vacuuming an office

If you’ve recently hired a commercial cleaning services, these are the signs that they are doing a thorough and professional job.

You Know Exactly What Services You’re Getting

If you have questions about exactly what is being cleaned and what isn’t, that’s a warning sign. You should have enough communication with your cleaning team that you know exactly what services you are getting, and when the cleaning is getting done. You have access to a cleaning log Anago of Vancouver keeps to record the cleaning details.This makes it simple to check exactly what has been done and when. We also have a 24/7 customer support line where you can reach us if you have any questions or concerns.

They Use Chemical-Free Cleaning Products

You should be aware of what cleaning products your janitorial team is using in your space, and should be assured that those cleaners are safe and free of harmful chemicals. More and more reputable cleaning services like Anago of Vancouver are prioritizing sustainability by using all-natural cleaners that leave surfaces sparkling clean and don’t contain any toxic ingredients.

You Don’t Find Dust & Dirt on Surfaces

If you’re noticing dust, dirt, and other grime on surfaces that your commercial cleaners are supposedly cleaning, that’s a sure sign that the job isn’t being done properly. If you find that the surfaces they are cleaning are always free of dust and dirt, you can rest assured that your cleaning team is giving those surfaces the attention they should be.

You Haven’t Noticed a Decrease in Standards

If your space is still as clean as it was when your commercial cleaners first started their services, that is a good sign that they are consistently getting the job done right. If you’ve noticed a dip in cleanliness since the beginning of your services, this is a red flag. Anago of Vancouver’s janitorial teams always clean to a high standard whether it’s the first or hundredth time cleaning your space.

When you hire Anago of Vancouver, you can rest assured that your cleaning services are always being done right! Our cleaners pride themselves on their high standard for cleaning and customer service. Get in touch today for a free quote!


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