Stop Flu Season in its Tracks With These Cleaning Tips

A woman in an office blowing her nose.

With fall comes flu season, and there’s nothing worse than when your whole team is sick because of a bug that’s spreading around the workplace. These cleaning tips will help reduce the spread of illness in your workplace this flu season.

Hire a Cleaner

Have Tissues, Masks, & Hand Sanitizer Readily Available

Keep supplies that make it easier to be sanitary on hand and easily accessible to staff. Nobody wants to get anybody else sick, but sometimes you suddenly have to sneeze and don’t have a tissue or forget to clean your hands before using a communal item because there is no hand sanitizer nearby. Make sure that you are stocked up on tissues, hand sanitizer, and masks and keep them in places where you think staff might need them, so that they are easy to grab and use frequently.

Focus on High-Touch Surfaces

Keeping your entire workplace as clean as possible is important for protecting your staff from illness, but it is especially critical to focus on high-touch surfaces that many people come into contact with each day. These include things like door handles, elevator buttons, bathroom fixtures, and printer/copy machine buttons. Make sure that high-touch surfaces are thoroughly sanitized multiple times throughout the day to keep your employees and visitors as safe as possible.

Open a Window

Whenever you can, open a window or two to air out the space and get fresh air into your space. Good ventilation helps get rid of germs, dust, and allergens in the air, so you can feel better about the air you and your team are breathing. If possible open two windows or doors to create a cross draft – this is the most effective way to air out a space.

Clean Your Cleaning Tools

It’s easy to forget to clean your cleaning tools. Mops, brooms, cloths, and brushes tend to simply get put aside after use and don’t get much care themselves. But, remember, you just used those tools to clean germs, bacteria, and grime off of the surfaces in your workplace. That means some of those germs, bacteria, and grime are likely stuck to your cleaning tools. You don’t want to transfer germs from one surface to another when you’re trying to clean, so make sure that you clean your mops, brooms, and brushes frequently, and toss your cloths into the laundry after each use.

Keep your commercial space clean and hygienic this flu season with the help of our professional cleaning teams. We will ensure that your space is thoroughly cleaned and help reduce the spread of illness among your staff and visitors. 

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