Fascinating Cleaning Facts

A cleaner spraying and wiping down a surface

Have you heard these interesting cleaning facts before? Some of them might shock you!

1 Germ Can Multiply Into 8 Million in a Day

You read that right. Just one germ can become 8 million in 24 hours. If that statistic makes your skin crawl, you’ll be happy to know that you can significantly reduce that number with frequent hand washing and regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces. This helps to get rid of germs and prevent them from multiplying as quickly as they would if left unchecked.

Dust is Mostly Made of Skin Cells

Do you ever wonder where all that dust in your workplace is coming from? Well, a lot of it is coming from you and your coworkers. Yes, that’s right, 70-80% of dust particles are made of dead skin cells. All the more reason to keep up frequent dusting practices!

Cleaning Products Take 60 Seconds to Work

Many people think that as soon as they spritz a cleaning product onto a surface, the surface is clean. However, cleaning products actually need to stay on a surface for 30 to 60 seconds in order to kill germs and bacteria. If you do not allow your cleaning product to sit for about a minute before wiping it off, you are likely not cleaning as thoroughly as you think you are and are simply moving germs around instead of getting rid of them.

98% of People Will Get Sick Due to Poor Office Cleaning Practices

98% of people working in offices will develop some type of illness as the direct result of insufficient cleaning practices at work. This high percentage is a good reminder of how important proper cleaning and disinfection is at work, not just to keep the area looking tidy but to keep staff safe and healthy. Hiring a reputable cleaning company is the most reliable way to ensure that your workplace is thoroughly and frequently cleaned.


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