Easy Tips for Keeping Any Space Tidy

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Whether you work in an office, warehouse, retail store, or at home, here are some of the simplest ways to keep your space tidy.

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Make a Daily Habit of it

Get in the habit of spending a little time each day doing some basic tidying. Take out the trash, clear up the day’s clutter, and wipe down surfaces. If you do these tasks daily instead of letting them build up, they’ll only take a few minutes instead of turning into a big job after being neglected for too long.

Have a Designated Clutter Bin

Clutter has a tendency to build up, no matter what space you’re working in, and sometimes you just don’t have time to get to it in the moment. A great solution is to keep a container for clutter that needs to be put away. Clear surfaces and simply toss whatever is causing clutter into the bin for now, then at the end of each week allot some time to going through your clutter bin and putting everything away where it belongs.

Keep Wipes on Hand

Keep a container of sanitizing wipes nearby to clean up spills as they happen and wipe down high-touch surfaces regularly. You’re a lot more likely to keep things clean and shiny if you can just reach for a wipe as opposed to going to the supply closet to grab cleaning supplies.

Trust Anago

These tips will make a big difference in the tidiness of any workspace, but hiring a professional cleaner for your commercial space is the best way to ensure a clean, safe environment for your team and customers. Anago’s cleaning teams are professional, experienced, and will come up with a flexible, custom cleaning plan suited to your needs.

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