The Risks of a Dirty Workplace

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We all know a dirty workplace isn’t pleasant, but it can also be dangerous. When your workplace is a mess, it poses some very real risks to staff members that can result in injury, illness, and low morale. Here are some of the problems that a dirty workplace can cause.

More Sick Days

Cold-and-flu bugs invariably make their way into every workplace and can remain infectious for anywhere from an hour to a full day. Your average office desk houses 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat (yuck). High-touch points like doorknobs, elevator buttons, printer/copier “start” buttons, and breakroom fridge door handles make sharing and spreading germs easy, so make sure these areas are being cleaned thoroughly and often.

Allergies and Respiratory Problems

Dust and poor air quality in the workplace can cause allergies, headaches, asthma, and other respiratory or sinus issues. Keeping a clean workplace also means keeping the air as clean as possible by cracking windows, positioning fans around the space, and refraining from using chemical-heavy air fresheners.

Low Productivity

A messy, cluttered workplace is a less productive workplace. Studies have shown that if you have a lot of stuff cluttering up your desk and shared space, it makes it more difficult to think. Additionally, it makes it a lot more difficult to find things, which slows down productivity. Think about how much time you spend in a given week trying to track down particular documents, folders, and supplies–it’s too much, isn’t it? Try to minimize clutter and make sure everything has a dedicated home so you can find things easily.

Trip-and-Fall Injuries

Cluttered offices can feel like an obstacle course and pose a real risk of injury from tripping and falling. Make sure you don’t have things like boxes or cords in areas where people will be walking. Old, worn out carpets can also be tripping hazards, and mud/water tracked in from outside is dangerously slippery if not cleaned up quickly. As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe environment to your staff and do everything you can to prevent injury on the job, so always keep this in mind when considering how clutter plays into your work environment.

Low Morale

Employees feel respected if you provide them with a clean, welcoming workspace. It is very important that your employees feel their worth acknowledged at work. This makes people feel happier and be able to work more efficiently.

Mold Growth

Mold is likely to grow indoors in moist environments and around leaks. It can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, skin irritation, and more severe illness. Mold spores release into the air and get into your lungs, so even if you do not have contact with visible mold, it is still affecting your health. It is important to have mold removed as soon as you notice it growing.

The best way to protect your staff from these dangers is to minimize clutter and hire a reputable cleaning company. If you’re looking for a janitorial service in Vancouver that covers all surrounding areas with years of experience and is a multi-year Consumer Choice Award Winner? Anago of Vancouver has you covered.


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