Commercial Office Deep Cleaning

Why Do a Seasonal Deep Clean?

Even if you have a reliable team cleaning your workplace on a regular basis, it is still a good idea to schedule a seasonal deep clean a few times a year. Depending on the size of your facility, a seasonal deep clean is recommended between two and four times per year.

What is a Seasonal Deep Clean?

A deep clean will include the more intensive cleaning tasks that don’t need to be done on a daily or weekly basis, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Floor stripping, waxing, and polishing
  • Machine scrubbing floors
  • Cleaning out vents, light fixtures, tops of doors, and other high-level items
  • Window cleaning
  • Curtain and blinds cleaning
  • Steam cleaning upholstered furniture
  • Cleaning walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning any large appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens

Office Bathroom Deep Clean

Bathrooms require a little extra care since they are such a high-use, high-germ area. Deep cleaning a bathroom means washing the walls, ceilings, and doors, cleaning light fixtures, fans, and ducts, removing calcium deposits from fixtures, and cleaning grout lines.

Why Do a Commercial Deep Clean?

In addition to doing a deep clean seasonally, it’s a good idea to have a thorough deep clean done just before an event such as a conference or a launch party is being held at your facility in order to make sure that everything is looking its best before the big day.

The colder months are tough on floors and carpets in particular, with people tracking in mud, rain, and snow from outside. That inevitable cold-weather mess will be a lot easier to clean off if it isn’t being deposited on top of accumulated dirt from the past 6 months, so it’s a great idea to have your floors professionally cleaned as winter approaches.

Fall is also the most important time to do a deep clean because, as cold-and-flu season arrives, it’s essential to take any measure you can to prevent sickness in the workplace. Germs and allergens around the workplace contribute to poor indoor air quality and weakened immune systems, so getting everything as clean as you can in time for cold-and-flu season will keep your staff healthier, happier, and will reduce the number of sick days people have to take.

Now is the perfect time to have a seasonal deep clean done. Trust the professionals at Anago of Vancouver to clean your facility from top to bottom!


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