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Why Proper Cleaning Matters More in Daycares and Schools

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Proper cleaning is important in any space, but it is particularly essential in daycares and schools–the places our children occupy. If you run a daycare or school, it is your responsibility to do everything in your power to keep the children in your care safe and healthy. One major way to improve health and safety is to have your facility cleaned by professionals on a regular basis.

Not only do kids have more sensitive immune systems than adults, they also have a tendency to play and explore by putting things in their mouths, a combination that results in a lot of colds and flus in little ones.

Commercial cleaning of your school or daycare facility helps minimize the spread of germs. An environment with a group of children is bound to be pretty germ heavy, so anything you can do to stop the spread of those germs will help improve the health of the children under your care and your staff (not to mention everybody they come into contact with!).

Here are a few of the reasons why professional cleaning is important in any school or daycare:

Kids Play on the Floor

Clean floors are very important in daycares and schools for small children because some play and other activities will no doubt take place on the floor. Hiring professionals to clean the flooring thoroughly on a regular basis helps prevent sickness.

A Clean Space Helps with Learning

Clean, tidy spaces make for a more effective, productive learning environment. Kids learn much better if the area they’re in is calming, peaceful, and uncluttered as opposed to messy and distracting.

The Cleaner Your Facility, the Better Your Reputation

Parents choose schools and daycares based on many factors, but a safe and sanitary environment is a major deciding factor for many. Ensure that your daycare or school maintains a sparkling reputation by having it routinely cleaned by professionals.

Why Hire a Professional Daycare Cleaning Company?

It is a better idea to hire experienced, professional cleaners than to try and do the job yourself. At Anago, our technicians specialize in cleaning schools and daycares, and make sure to do a thorough clean of commonly missed germ hot spots such as play mats, diaper change stations, door handles, and more.

Harsh chemicals in some cleaning products can be harmful to children, so make sure you hire a cleaning company that uses natural, chemical-free products like Anago does.


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