These Daily Office Cleaning Habits Make a Big Difference

Three containers of disposable wipes against a blue background.

Keep Wipes Nearby and Use Them

Keep a container of disposable sanitizing wipes nearby so that it is super easy to grab one whenever you notice a mess or a surface that could use a wipe down. If possible, keep wipes in a few places in the office so that they’re usually at arm’s reach. You’re way more likely to clean up a mess as soon as you notice it if you can simply reach out and grab a wipe than if you have to go digging in the supply closet.

Don’t Eat at Your Desk

If possible, make a commitment not to eat at your desk. Even if you are very careful, you will end up with crumbs and spills that will accumulate and attract insects. If you do need to eat at your desk sometimes, make sure that you take one of those wipes you stashed nearby and wipe everything down right after eating.

Clean Your Computer Once a Week

When’s the last time you cleaned your computer monitor and keyboard? Don’t feel bad if you can’t remember, this is a part of office cleaning that is easy to neglect, but getting in the habit of regular computer cleaning goes a long way. Spend just a few minutes every week cleaning your computer and keyboard. This includes dusting and using a specialized computer cleaning solution to wipe everything down. You should also move your monitor and wipe down your desk underneath at this time, because that area can easily be forgotten and get dingey.


Tidy Your Desk at the End of the Day

Set aside 5 minutes at the end of every day to tidy up your desk and get rid of clutter. Really, if you do it every single day, it will only take 5 minutes–or even less! Put away loose papers and pens, get rid of anything that can go in the trash or the recycling bin, and stack the things you need neatly on your desk. Tomorrow morning you will be eternally grateful!

In addition to developing good daily office cleaning habits, it’s important to make sure that your office is getting a regular deeper clean as well. That’s where Anago’s franchisees come in! Get in touch today for a free quote or to book a custom cleaning plan.


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