Get into the habit of doing these quick cleaning tasks every day for a safer, cleaner workplace.

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Clear Clutter

Set aside 10-15 minutes at the end of each day to clear your workspace of clutter, and encourage your employees to do the same. Taking just a bit of time every day to put away files, tidy up odds and ends, and throw out/recycle anything that you’re done with makes a huge difference in the neatness of your space, and having less clutter makes it easier to keep surfaces clean and dust free.


Sanitize Door Handles & Elevator Buttons

Door handles and elevator buttons are touched multiple times every day by every single person that enters and leaves your commercial building. That means that these areas are breeding grounds for germs and sanitizing them multiple times a day will help to reduce and slow the spread of illness within your workplace. Make a habit of wiping these surfaces down with a sanitizing wipe at least twice a day, and keep hand sanitizer nearby to encourage people to clean their hands before touching high-traffic surfaces.


Spot Cleaning

You might not have time to do a thorough clean every single day, but you can do a quick scan of the area and wipe down any spots that obviously need a cleaning. Get in the habit of surveying your workspace once a day and cleaning up anything obvious, such as coffee stains on the kitchen counter or a dust bunny under a desk. This helps keep things cleaner as you go and will give you less to do when you are doing a thorough cleaning of the whole place.


Clean the Breakroom/Kitchen

Encourage workers to clean up after themselves in the breakroom/communal kitchen area, but also give this space a quick clean daily. This will include loading the dishwasher, wiping down counters, and checking the fridge for anything that needs to be thrown out. Do this once a day and the break area mess will not build up, which also makes people more likely to clean up after themselves.

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